Monday, July 27, 2015

Teacher Appreciation Afghans

Sorry it's been so long since I posted! I'm not the world's best blogger, obviously. But, if you're open to excuses, I was on bed rest for 15 weeks, then had a baby in February, and then had to deal with colic for a couple of months after that... all while finishing my Associate's Degree and starting my Bachelor's Degree... so I'm just now getting to a point where life feels a little "normal" again. During that time period I did manage to work on an afghan for my daughter's teacher, which is something I did for her Kindergarten teacher as well and seems to be becoming a bit of a tradition. Last year I made a St. Louis Cardinals "graphgan" because her teacher was a big Cards fan.

This graph was from Loopaghans --message
her for a list of graphs she has available.
(Sorry the picture is such poor quality!)

This year her teacher was really girly, so I tried to go with something girly without being so girly that her husband wouldn't want it used on their bed or as a throw in the living room. It took a little trial and error to get the colors figured out, and I made a huge mistake on the second row by messing up every single hexagon... which led to me having to go with sort of a "striped" effect alternating the way the hexagons are meant to be and how I messed them up in the second row, but it ended up working out ok. And, if you're still open to excuses, I did have a lot going on that made it hard to concentrate on crocheting. I was pretty happy with the finished product though and do plan to make more hexagon afghans in the future using the same pattern, but it will probably be a while before I forget just how long this one took me. I made the teacher cry because she loved it so much though --she called it an "heirloom"-- so all the work was definitely worth it in the end!

I used a pattern by Lucy of Attic24 for the hexagons, and border #16 from
the book "Around the Corner Crochet Borders" (with an extra round).
Monday, October 20, 2014

Almost Done with the Move!

Hi guys! I've been busy trying to finish the move from Wordpress to Blogger, but I'm almost done! I've updated all of the posts on my Wordpress blog with links redirecting to this blog instead, so all that is left on my "to do" list is to move my PDF files from Wordpress to a different host (I'm thinking Google Docs?), but I would like to go through my PDF files and revamp them first, so that's coming.

I also am working on a new pattern! A friend of mine ordered a cabled infinity scarf from me some time ago, and I had finished and mailed it by the beginning of this month... but when the package arrived someone had ripped open the package and stolen it. :-( So now I am re-knitting it for her, and I decided I wanted to do something a little more interesting instead of re-knitting the exact same scarf again. It is going to be a somewhat complex cabled pattern, with some bobbles thrown in as well, but I think it should look really nice when it's done. And I'm making sure to write out the pattern as I go to share with you all. So that's coming too!
Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Daisy Cottage Designs "Owl Toy"

Recently a friend of mine requested an owl stuffed toy for her niece as a Christmas gift, and since I asked all my friends and customers to get their orders in by the end of September, she had to order early! After doing some searching and pattern comparing, we settled on the Daisy Cottage Designs "Owl Toy" pattern (with a few modifications).

The pattern was very easy to follow and so easy that even a beginner could do it --seriously "first project" kind of easy, so if you're nervous about toys, this would be a great one to try!

The first modification I ended up making was leaving off the legs. Not that they're not cute, we just went with a simpler style this time. The second mod I made was to go with two colors for the body instead of just the one color of the original pattern. Another mod I made was adding wings to the sides, just as an extra little element to add to the "owliness" of it. I also changed the eyes and beak to my own style, which was just a personal preference. Instead of a flower we went with a bow, and voila! Cute little owl toy/pillow for a cute little girl. Hopefully she loves it as much as I do!
Tuesday, October 14, 2014

I Moved!

Thanks for following me along to Blogger! I changed the name up just a little ("Devin Likes to Knit" to "Demi Knits") and changed up the blog design a lot, so hopefully you all like it! It may take me a few days to get all of my old posts from Wordpress imported, but I'm working on that. Hopefully I'll be able to keep up a little better with posting and updating through this move!

There's been some big news around my house lately! If you haven't seen on my Facebook page, here it is!

I wrapped up taking orders at the end of September in an attempt to get some knitting and crocheting done that has been on my list forever --sweaters for myself and daughter Roree, a blanket for my mom, and a sweater for my dad. I also want to have the ability to knit and crochet some baby things for the new baby; right now on my list I have a crochet dot blanket, a cabled cardigan, loafer booties, and two hats (one to match the onesie for the hospital and one just because I love it). I just ordered yarn yesterday with the KnitPicks coupon code for $6 off so I could work on the cardigan and loafer booties, as well as the hat for the hospital! (I'm so excited!) My pregnancies have a tendency to get a little rough in the third trimester, so my goal in cutting off orders was to keep my stress level down during the second half of my pregnancy and be able to enjoy the third trimester as much as possible. We're due the first week of March, but chances are our newest little family member will join us mid-February sometime. I'm taking Makena shots (a hydroxyprogesterone injection used to help prevent preterm labor) to hopefully make it a little easier so we hopefully won't deal with quite as eventful of a pregnancy as the last two!

Maybe with fewer [no] orders to worry about I won't have as hard of a time keeping up with posting on here! That's my plan anyways. I should have some sweaters, blankets, and baby accessories to post soon! I may also post some more personal stuff (getting ready for the baby, some stuff about he kids, etc) if anyone is interested in that.

Edit (10:56 PM): Finally got all my posts imported from Wordpress! Bear with me while I go through all of them to correct some wonky coding. If you notice there are any mistakes in any of the imported posts please comment on that post to let me know!
Friday, February 28, 2014

2014: The Year of Sweaters

I know I've said it for the past two years, but this is the year! I only have to finish up the never ending sweater I'm working on right now (a Harry Potter "Weasley Sweater" that I only have 8" left to finish but it seems like I never get anywhere on), an elephant, an infinity scarf, a monkey, and a child's wrap sweater (that is already partially finished) ... and then all of my current orders are finished and I can start on personal knitting. Here is my list of some sweaters (in no particular order) that I hope to accomplish this year:

I really want a cozy, fuzzy, warm open cardigan. This one is for me!

This one is for my daughter. She is five and a half, and I let her pick out
both the pattern and the yarn. If you couldn't tell, she's very girly.

My dad asked me a few months back about knitting him a cardigan a la
Mr. Rodger's style. (I'm kicking it up a notch.)

This one is on my Christmas gift list for my mom. She picked the pattern
and the yarn, I just have to put it together.

Another one for me! I just can't resist this lacy pattern and I love the
berry color.

Another for my daughter. Now that she's to an age where she's not
growing out of each new size within just a few months, I'd really like to
make her a couple of sweaters.

I'm sure this list will grow as the year progresses --hopefully I'll find at least one sweater to knit for my 3 year old son as well-- but this is it so far. Not that it isn't already substantial. I'm excited to take a break from knitting solely for profit though and make some things for myself and my loved ones. Now I just need to start saving up for all that yarn ...

All sweater pictures were found on Yarn sample pictures are from Lion Brand and Knit Picks Websites.