Friday, June 1, 2012

Simple Crochet Bow - with Pictures! (Crochet Pattern)

This is a simple little bow that can be used as a hair accessory or embellishment for a number of projects. It takes less than a half hour to make (seriously 10 minutes or so once you get the hang of it) and is easy to adjust to different types of yarn -- just go up or down to an appropriate hook size.

My little girl modeling the bow on a headband.
You should have seen the out-takes. She is
not a very cooperative little model, lol.


  • Worsted Weight Yarn (I used Hobby Lobby's "I Love This Yarn")

  • Size "H" (5.00 mm) Hook

  • Tapestry Needle for weaving in ends


  • ch: Chain

  • sc: single crochet


Not crucial for this project.

Step One:

- Chain 15 sts. Sc in second stitch from hook and then continue with "Row 1".
- Row 1:  sc in each st, ch 1 at end and turn
- Repeat Row 1 three or four more times, depending on how thick/full you want your bow to look.

Row 1 was repeated three times in this example. To see an example of four rows scroll to the bottom and see the purple bow.

Step Two:

- Make a sc border around your whole rectangle. (Just sc in each stitch around your whole piece.)
- When you come to a corner sc once in the corner st, ch 2, and then sc again in the same stitch -- this will keep your piece looking more like a rectangle and less like an oval. (Feel free to skip this if you want the edges of your bow to be very rounded.)
- Weave in any ends you have so that they'll disappear under the center wrap when you finish your bow.

Step Three:

- Pinch the bow in the middle so that it folds up sort of like an accordion.
- Make sure that both edges are facing the same direction.
- Tie a small length of yarn around the center to keep it cinched.
- Trim the ends so they're easy to hide when you wrap the center of the bow in the next step.

Step Four:

- Using a longer length of yarn wrap the center of your bow until it looks finished.
- Tie off in the back and trim the ends so they'll be easy to hide when you attach your bow to whatever it is you choose.

Step Five:

- Attach your bow to an alligator clippie, barette, hair tie, or headband ... or really anything else you'd like ... and voila.

Row 1 was repeated three times in the pink bow and four times
in the purple bow. You can see the slight difference in fullness
between the two.

To make a headband:

... like the pink bow is attached to in the above picture simply make a chain the circumference you need to fit, slip stitch the ends together (making sure the chain is facing the same direction all the way around), and weave in the ends to finish it. Then attach your bow.

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